Community Nights At Belong Arenas

Game and connect with your squad during our community nights. Here’s everything you need to know before heading down!
Published 8 September, 2021


Enjoy our downtime community, build an epic future team, or just hang out with new people at our dedicated community nights!

Try your hands at a pool of game titles and connect with gamers who love what you do. Whether you want to amp up your competitive skills, go solo, or squad up, there's something for every gamer.


Monday Fight Night

Strike, parry, and punish your way through victory.

Featured Titles: Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter V 

Tuesday Shooter 

Rank up elims and prove your tactical skills against other opponents. 

Featured Titles: Valorant, Overwatch, CS:GO

Wednesday MOBA & TCG 

Lay out your strat plan and play your cards right as you battle your way to victory.

Featured Titles: League of Legends, Magic The Gathering Arena, Runeterra, Hearthstone

Thursday Battle Royale 

Stay in the fight and be the last one standing in an intense battle for glory. 

Featured Titles: Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex, PUBG Fortnite

Friday Sport 

Got game? Bring your A-game and score big victories. 

Featured Titles: FIFA21, NBA 2K21


Book a session or drop by your local arena to game and connect with your community. 

Looking for an arena near you? Head over to our Arenas page or sign up to know when an arena is headed your way!